Products API

This API Module groups product related API calls.

Product Reviews API

The Product Reviews API allows you to display your product reviews on any PHP based page on any other server.

API Calls

GET http://<>/mailhive.php/api/private/v1.0/product/reviews/

Mandatory Parameters

Parameter Type Description
apikey text Your personal API-Key
products_id int Products-Id of Product to show reviews

Optional Parameters

Parameter Type Description
languages_id int limit reviews to this language_id
count int Number of reviews to show
rating_min int minimum number of stars a rating must have to be shown e.g. 4
template text the name of the custom template, e.g. mytemplate will look for the file mytemplate.tpl.html


Html-Output of the product reviews formatted using the configured template



API Client Library

To use the Product Reviews API please copy the API client files as you can find them on your MailBeez Server:


to the server where you want to integrate the product reviews into. This could be a blog-page around specific products.

Edit the file config.php

define('MAILBEEZ_API_ENTRYPOINT', 'http://<>/mailhive.php/api/');
define('MAILBEEZ_API_KEY', '<your api key>');

with the matching settings.

Then you can use the API client as following on any PHP file

$reviewsObj = new mailbeez_productreviews_client();
$reviewsOutput = $reviewsObj->showReviews(array('products_id' => 112, 'languages_id' => null, 'count' => 3, 'rating_min' => 4, 'template' => 'productreviews' ));
echo  $reviewsOutput['result'];

to include product reviews for - in this case - product with products_id=112.

The html is generated using the smarty templates located in:


The default template default_productreviews.tpl.html will be overwritten with updates, so you should not edit it.

For customization make a copy of this template and rename it to e.g. productreviews.tpl.html and apply your customization.

The API-Call

$reviewsOutput = $reviewsObj->showReviews(array('products_id' => 112, 'languages_id' => null, 'count' => 3, 'rating_min' => 4, 'template' => 'productreviews' ));

contains the parameters as listed above you can use to controll the output.

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