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Franks & Beans, Ham & Eggs – classic combinations because they just work well together. For eCommerce markeeters, there are equivalent combinations in the online world that are just as compelling, especially when sending offers or voucher codes to your customers.

Every story needs an ending

Whenever you reward or entice customers with a time limited offer, it is imperative to remember that it is not a one step process. Whilst you might feel pretty good once the emails are fired off, if you do not follow up on the offer with a timely expiry reminder, you are wasting a huge opportunity to generate extra revenue, and offer good customer service. What if a customer wanted to take advantage of your offer but simply forgot? Remember, if your customer’s inbox is as busy as yours undoubtedly is, getting noticed is a real challenge.

If a reminder isn’t sent, does the offer even exist?

Reminding customers about an offer is a time honoured tradition that every real-world (as opposed to virtual) salesman both recognize and utilize on a daily basis, and in the online world, whilst paper and pens have been replaced with their more modern equivalents, the same rules apply. Seasoned digital marketeers have even been known to state that an offer does not even truly exist unless the target group is reminded of its existence, which we guess is a marketing take on the classic ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ brain teaser.

Luckily, putting this all into practice is incredibly simple for Mailbeez users, who can wield the power of our Coupon Expiry Reminder module to great effect, allowing them to send timely coupon code expiry reminders based on store configured parameters.

When the time comes to create your next offer, or to review ongoing Mailbeez email campaigns, think about adding the Mailbeez Expiry Reminder module to your digital arsenal, and you can relax in the knowledge you are doing everything possible to generate the maximum amount of revenue from each campaign.

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