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For osCommerce store owners, finding an easy to install, fully automated customer referral system can be a bit of a challenge. Whilst there are points based referral systems and other modules available to the osCommerce store owner, they all have one thing in common – a tendency to be difficult to install, administer and upgrade where necessary. However, with the release of the Mailbeez ReferralHoney referral module, osCommerce users now have access to a simple, email based referral system that makes motivating existing customers to refer friends to your store a breeze.

Run withing the Mailbeez email marketing framework (popular Zen Cart developer Numinix called it a Zen Cart top 10 module – view more here) ReferralHoney is a powerful, personalized and refreshingly easy to use email based rewards system, which consequently does not require any front end editing, 3rd party data sharing, affiliate commission or monthly fees – justtake a look at the comparison table below to see more about that.

Once installed and configured, the Mailbeez ReferralHoney module runs fully automatically, presenting customers with personalized coupon invitations to refer friends alongside attractive share pages that are cleverly hosted on your store’s server. Your customers simply share their personal share page with their friend network over email or through the embedded social media links, and once a friend places an order, the original referrer is informed, again over email (automatically of course), and finally, rewarded at the end of the coupon cycle with their own reward. Think of it as a fully automated and personalized closed loop system that simply runs itself and generates its own reward and share coupons without manual intervention.

If you have often struggled with other osCommerce or 3rd party referral systems, or indeed if you are looking to generate increased sales without direct marketing costs, then you will find ReferralHoney a refreshing, simple to use osCommerce module that really does get results.

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ReferralHoney vs. Online System

Edit Online Service ReferralHoney Comment Reward customers when they find new Customers PRO_YES PRO_YES A simple, yet powerful way to motivate your customers to refer friends to your store Social sharing PRO_YES PRO_YES Easy social sharing on e.g. Facebook, Twitter Email sharing PRO_YES PRO_YES Customer can email their friends about the discount Analytics PRO_YES PRO_YES Get a full overview what is going on Personalized share coupon PRO_NO PRO_YES ReferralHoney generates personalized share coupons Automatic expiration date PRO_NO PRO_YES You configure e.g. “the share coupon is valid for 14 days” – done Personalized reward coupon PRO_NO PRO_YES ReferralHoney generates personalized reward coupons Reward amount depending on referred orders PRO_NO PRO_YES Create up to 3 levels of rewards for your customers based on the number of referred orders Protection against fake-orders PRO_NO PRO_YES Only approved orders based on defined order status’ will receive rewards Delayed reward PRO_NO PRO_YES The referrer’s reward is given after the expiration of their share coupon Support multiple languages in parallel PRO_NO PRO_YES Fully ready to support stores with multiple languages Data protection PRO_NO PRO_YES No Customer data is exported, & no transactional emails are shared with a 3rd party Integration with shop system PRO_NO PRO_YES ReferralHoney is 100% integrated into your eCommerce store system Price 7.5% of Sales
$15 min./month One-time cost Don’t pay a penny in commission or get stuck with a monthly subscription.

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