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Guest-Post by Jenny Corteza


You can give a boost to your business spending a lot of money for pursuing some knowledge. Or, you can do it for nothing in the domain of email marketing. Latest trends in email marketing show that you can see your profits grow manifold if you use the medium wisely. Though email marketing looks easy, it is not really so. The general public had been more receptive to email campaigns when the idea was new and fanciful. With the arrival and proliferation of spammers, the receivers of emails have become vary and have started discarding incoming mails without even a glance.  In the event, you must have a clear idea about what your campaigning is going to be about and how you are going to go about implementing your ideas of email marketing. Right strategies will benefit you immensely.

Sense of time

Like we said earlier, not many people read all the emails they receive. A click of the mouse and a bunch of mail has reached the garbage bin. Time is of essence. People tend to read all the mails they receive when they are in a good mood. They certainly will not be in the mood during holidays. Many may not even log in to their email accounts. Tax season is another inopportune time. You can certainly say goodbye to students at the end tome of an academic year. Emails targeting them will just not be read.

Give intervals

Do you like someone knocking at your door incessantly or at regular intervals? No one likes it! Your bombarding someone with regular mails soliciting their favor will more likely end up in blacklisting you. Excessive mail from the same person is looked askance at by most people. You must give marketing campaigns a decent interval between deliveries of mails. You might allow subscribers to choose how and when they could be contacted.

Get personal

People tend to feel an affinity with you if you address them by name rather than if you use some insipid form of address like “Dear Customer” etc. An invisible bond is created when the recipient of mail feels that he is being personally addressed. Make it read as intimate as possible.

Pictures and graphics

Plain text messages have lost their sheen eons ago. People only give cursory glances at unsolicited mail if it does not contain attractive visuals. When you consider that email has become a primary mode of communication for many people, your campaign mail will get noticed only if you include graphically neat and high quality pictures.

Allow update and unsubscribe

Your responsibility does not end with sending email once and forgetting all about it. You must always contact potential and existing customers in a follow up action. You must send updates and the recipients should be able to contact you if they so wish but more importantly, they should be able to unsubscribe at their will. You should provide them with a link to continue to be in contact with you, should they change their email identity.

Written By:

Jenny Corteza is an independant online marketing professional. She is great with her copywriting skills and is a self motivated person. Her learning capabilities have always been very strong which is why most of her skills are self taught.

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