The Installation of MailBeez is successfully tested with DigiStore 4.0, running on PHP 5.2.11

The installation is straight forward and can be done in a couple of minutes by following these two steps:

  • copy new files
  • modify existing files

Step 1 – copy new files

The ‚ÄúQuickstart Packag‚ÄĚ Zip-File contains several folders. The Folder ‚Äúcatalog‚ÄĚ contains the files and folders you need to copy into your Shop Root.

Copy following file and folder to your Shop Root (where your index.php is located)

catalog/admin/mailbeez.php -> admin/mailbeez.php
catalog/mailhive -> mailhive (folder)
catalog/mailhive.php -> mailhive.php

Step 2 – modify existing files

1. Add a menu entry

located and open the file



stm_aix("p7i3","p0i0",[0,"    <?php echo   BOX_CONFIGURATION_EMAIL_OPTIONS?>  ","","",-1,-1,0,"configuration.php?gID=12"]);

add in a new line

stm_aix("p7i3","p0i0",[0,"    MailBeez   ","","",-1,-1,0,"mailbeez.php"]);

this will add the menu-entry “MailBeez” to your Email-Menu item.

Feel free to place this link whereever you want.

please continue with Basic Configuration


If you would like to have access to MailBeez core files & tables from other pages you need to add the following global DataBase and Filename definitions:

Add the Database table definition

located and open the file


add e.g. at the end

define('TABLE_MAILBEEZ_TRACKING', 'mailbeez_tracking');
define('TABLE_MAILBEEZ_BLOCK', 'mailbeez_block');

do the same for your catalog:



define('TABLE_MAILBEEZ_TRACKING', 'mailbeez_tracking');
define('TABLE_MAILBEEZ_BLOCK', 'mailbeez_block');

Add the filename definition

located and open the file


add e.g. at the end

define('FILENAME_MAILBEEZ', 'mailbeez.php');
define('FILENAME_HIVE', 'mailhive.php');

do almost the same for your catalog:



define('FILENAME_HIVE', 'mailhive.php');

Next Steps

Now that your MailBeez installation is complete, you are encouraged to visit our Guide to Getting Started to familiarize yourself with MailBeez features and functionality, and to learn how to configure and customize your MailBeez installation to suit your needs.

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